Australian Native Bees

Education, Conservation, Cultivation


What We Do

Bush Bees is an innovative organisation in the rapidly growing Australian Native Bee industry. We provide beekeeping services to individuals, organisations, and companies, supply equipment and tools for native beekeepers, and produce products made from native bees wax and honey. We are also working towards the development of native solitary beekeeping practices for conservation and pollination purposes.


Our Values

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We recognise the importance of education for the future of native bees. We aim to raise awareness of native bees, help educate people further about how to help support wild populations, keep hives of stingless bees, and more.



Conservation is of the upmost importance in all of our practices. We rescue colonies under threat from human behaviour, and increase native pollinator populations with bee hotels and stingless beehives. 



The cultivation of native bees is the centre of our organisation. We are custodians to hundreds of thousands of stingless bees, and we strive to provide the best care for them with ethical beekeeping practices.


Our Services

Bush Bees offers a wide range of services that help Australian's to discover native bees, learn about them, protect them, and keep them.

We work with individuals, farmers, organisations, corporations, schools, nursing homes, community groups, councils, and more.


Our Products

Bush Bees supplies native beekeeping equipment and tools, educational books, and art products such as posters.

We also produce our Bush Bees Botanicals range, which is a selection of products made out of incredible native bee ingredients.

All of our products are available at our shop,

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