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Hive Rescue

Place native beehives at your business

Place a pair of Australian native stingless beehives at your corporate or business location to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and the environment.

If you find an Australian Native Stingless Beehive that needs to be moved, feel free to contact us. Hives may need to be moved from: Telstra boxes, water meter pits, inside trees that are being cut down, etc.

We provide this rescue service for free in the Sydney area. We will safely transfer the hive into a suitable box, relocate it, and do our best to aid it's recovery.


Please note: we highly discourage and will not assist with the unnecessary destruction of a bee colonies' natural habitat for the sole purpose of moving them to a man made hive.


Fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We will get back t0 you as soon as possible.