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Crop Pollination

Place native beehives at your farm or greenhouse

Receive highly customised consulting, and place Australian native stingless beehives at your agricultural location to achieve pollination goals.

Australian native stingless bees are often very important wild pollinators of many crops growing within their native range, and you can harness their pollination power with our Crop Pollination service.

This service is highly customised to your needs, and comes with in-depth consulting to determine the quantity and location of the bee hives to maximise pollination. Depending on your needs, you may hire the hives year-round, or only when your crop is in flower. Quantity discounts are available


Why native bees?

For many crops, native bees may be more effective pollinators than European Honey Bees.

Some crops where these bees have proven beneficial include: Strawberries, Mangoes, Avocados, Watermelons, Blueberries, Lychees and Macadamias. 


Can native bees pollinate in greenhouses?

There is increasing studies and evidence to support greenhouse pollination with stingless bees for crops such as strawberries. This method of pollination is very new, and are still happy to offer a still in-development experimental service.

Unlike honey bees, there is evidence that native bees can survive in greenhouses under certain conditions for extended periods of time. Some adjustments to the conditions may have to be made to support the bees and encourage the pollination of the target flowers.

We will work with you to develop a customised pollination plan. 


How it works:


You get in touch, we discuss initial details, and conduct a site visit to ensure suitability. Then, a customised placement and pollination plan is developed with both the bees and your needs in mind.


Our experienced native beekeepers install the pair of native stingless beehives at the discussed location.


The bees are taken care of with periodic maintenance visits, they pollinate your crops, and you experience the benefits. The customised plan may involve year-round placement or only during flowering periods.

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