Plants that attract Australian Native bees

Are you looking to attract Australian Native Bees to your garden? Planting flowers is one of the best ways to do this. Native Bees such as stingless bees require three main resources - Nectar, Pollen, and Resin. If possible, try to make sure that you have at least two plants flowering at all times of the year. This ensures that there are ample resources even during periods (such as winter) where there is usually not as many.

The Best Plants to Plant for Australian Native Bees:


This attractive plant has a large native range, is hugely popular with all kinds of insect activity, a non-invasive plant, and it is even used by many councils as street trees!


Wattles flower during winter, when not much else is available, so they provide a valuable source of pollen in times of scarce resources.


Roses look great, smell divine, and even attract many different types of native bees! Stingless bees forage on the flowers, and leaf cutter bees use the leaves to line their nests

Gum Trees

These flowers are very attractive to bees such as stingless bees and teddy bear bees


Solitary bees, such as blue banded bees are known to adore lavender.


Another type of plant that is super popular with solitary bees!



Stingless bees absolutely love palm flowers


Native bees will happily forage on the flowers of many herbs including basil, thyme, rosemary and coriander.

​Flax Lillies

These native plants are very popular in urban landscaping and have the added benefit of attracting native bees.

Grass Trees

Many people say that these are a favourite for stingless bees


Let some of your veggies (such as cabbages, lettuces, broccolis, radish, etc) go to flower and the bees will often flock to them!

Camellias & Azaleas

Nutmeg Bush



Ivory Curl

Tea Tree

Tea tree flowers are worked by stingless bees and solitary bees at varying times of the year.


A popular pollen source for stingless bees :)


Another common native landscaping plant, loved by stingless bees.


Bottlebrushes are a popular and attractive native plant for many native bee species.

Paper Daisies

A great nectar and pollen source.


Thanks for reading, I hope this list helps you with finding some plants to attract native bees! Some of these are suggestions commented on a facebook post on our facebook page.

For a more extensive list of the best plants, and information on how to build solitary bee hotels, check out Valley Bees' information-packed booklet.

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