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Hive Hire & Maintenance

Hive Hire & Maintenance is a fully managed service provided to companies and organisations seeking to achieve positive environmental, sustainability, conservation, and connection to country outcomes. This service is completely hassle free, with all hive-related activities being undertaken by Bush Bees staff, from installation to periodic maintenance and health check-ups.


Two client branded, hardwood decorated native beehives are installed per site, with approximately 10,000 native bees in each. These native bees are completely stingless, therefore having much less associated risk than traditional European Honey Bees.

In urban areas, land clearing and pesticide use has led to a competition for habitat and resources. Our service facilitates the introduction of 20,000 native stingless bees into the local environment, along with a safe home for them. These bees would potentially visit tens of thousands of native flowers every year, contributing to the effective pollination and reproduction of our important native flora. Simply installing native bee hives raises awareness of Australia's native pollinators, which is significant to conservation in and of itself.

Installation of a native beehive is a fantastic way for organisations to demonstrate a tangible commitment to the environment. 

This service is currently available in Sydney and Brisbane, with other locations possible through discussion. If you are interested, please get in touch for a customised proposal for your organisation.

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Our Other services:

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Hive Splitting

Hive Splitting is a process to create two hives from one. Our hive splits are always performed with the safety and health of the colony in mind, and we aim for our customers to eventually feel confident enough to split their hive in the future, if they desire.


If you do not have an empty box to split your hive with, we can also supply empty boxes for an additional cost.

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Hive Rescue

​If you find an Australian Native Stingless Beehive that needs to be moved, feel free to contact us. Hives may need to be moved from: Telstra boxes, water meter pits, inside trees that are being cut down, etc.

We provide this rescue service for free in the Sydney area. We will safely transfer the hive into a suitable box, relocate it, and do our best to aid it's recovery.


Please note: we highly discourage the unnecessary destruction of a bee colonies' natural habitat for the sole purpose of moving them to a man made hive.

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Councils & Gov.

We partner with local councils and government organisations to place native bee hives in locations of community and environmental significance, raising awareness of bees and increasing local biodiversity and bee populations.

We provide the hives, installation, secure stands, informational signs, ongoing inspections and maintenance, and a guarantee of a healthy hive.

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Schools & Other Education

Bush Bees are very suitable for schools and early learning centres due to their docile behaviour and lack of a sting - this means that are perfectly safe for children of all ages. They are also a fantastic educational tool suitable for a variety of topics, encouraging students to be considerate of the environment.


We install hives and give presentations to students, which we can modify to suit their age, and anything relevant that they are learning about at the time.


Please contact us for more details.

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Workshops & Talks

We present comprehensive and engaging native bee workshops and talks. You can find details on upcoming events on our social media.

If you would like us to host a workshop at your location or event, please contact us. 

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Bush Bees have been shown to be beneficial for the pollination of a number of crops, such as Strawberries, Mangoes, Avocados, Watermelons, Blueberries, Lychees and Macadamias. 

These stingless bees are also suitable for some forms of glasshouse pollination.

Bush Bees provides a pollination hive rental service. If you are interested in this service for your operation, please get in touch.

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